Saturday, September 28, 2013

A state of contractors not the state of Palestine

    A State of Contractors not the State of Palestine 

What we see in Palestine so far a group of outsiders who believe in themselves that they know what Palestinians needs and they know what the best for Palestinians more than the Palestinians themselves. In fact they are implementing their own agendas, they see the situation by their eyes and based on their background which is more likely not very realistic and never mind if they have bad intention or really they are aiming to help. A man who lived and studies in Oslo doesn't understand the needs and wants of people in Nablus more than the people of Nablus themselves .

On the ground we obviously have Palestinians decision makers and leaders who are taking part on the shaping of the state building, there are a different kind of leaders from political leaders to community leaders and students leaders and women leaders and children leaders. however those "leaders" are not more than mangers or contractors who are implementing the big lines of the foreign policies of those big countries who has the biggest donations to the Palestinian Authority or donation to the civil society directly without giving it through the government .

Before Signing the Oslo accord in 1993, Palestinian community have demonstrated a variety of real leaders who built the Palestinian image on the unique Palestinian way with very minimum of the outsider influence . so we see that the most successful and amazing institutions were mainly built before that time, on the other hand we can notice nowadays the obvious failures on the Palestinian institutions, the political and the communal ones . and the most dangerous aspect of this is the feeling of being tied which decreased the energy and the power of Palestinians to decide and take the necessary steps to protect the Palestinian nation and because of the will of the Palestinians to build what they want by their hands and not necessarily by the hands of the modern western civilized money providers.

I believe that the billions of dollars that are already spent on helping Palestinians should be reconsidered and their effects measured if they were really meant to help Palestinians and the Palestinians real leaders should go back and forth to see what we gained and what we loosed so far.

We Palestinians should fight in order to build the state of Palestinians with Palestinian identity and agenda which will be most relevant for Palestinians and not to putting the Palestinian shaping on the hand of the whole world and their interests. a state of contractors  is what is seen now unfortunately.

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