Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Berlin Of Middle East .

The Capital Of Peace

West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem !; not anymore separated since 1967. As the same as the reunion of West Berlin and East Berlin on 1989? But when Berlin got united it was marked as a city of freedom where prosibrity appeared on the capital of Germany again. Unfortunately when Jerusalem got united it became a city of oppressions. Ironically ! after the reunion they needed walls instead of removing them and expansions for Jerusalem up to Bethlehem and Jericho and Ramallah... Is this beautiful? Jerusalem shall never be separated but Humans there should be ALSO united and equal !!!

Selfish acts  is a self destruction and barrier in the road of developments. You can apply this on your own life or you can see it on the national Eye or even destruction for the interests of nations. United Jerusalem is the ultimate capital for the State of Palestine ! United Jerusalem is the ultimate capital for the State of Israel. Jerusalem is Islamic land for Muslims in the whole World ! Jerusalem is the land of Jews from Yemen up to USA. Jerusalem is Alquds ! Jerusalem is Yurshaleim !. Residents of Jerusalem are those who speaks Arabic and has the Palestinian's blood moving in their veins only!!! Jerusalem is a Hashem gift for those who got Jewish blood on their veins!!!..., all those slogans bringing us to nowhere. Jerusalem actually has no special love to any ethnic group or nations and Jerusalem don't believe in any religion and Jerusalem is bigger than any specific nation. Jerusalem for everyone who feel his/ her connection for it for any reason no matter what a historical facts or God messages we can bring in the arguments! Jerusalem is Cafe Aroma and Bab Al'amoud. Jerusalem is a city for very religious people and for less religious and for Artists.
Because the past have been gone in its nice and ugly memories. The future was kept for us. Its all in our hands for the good and the bad. Jerusalem could be the open city for cultures and capital cities and all kind of understandings or it will stay the curse that kill our dreams and security as our kids got killed for Jerusalem.
Justice before security? or security before justice?: no ever human born with terrorism mentality or ignorance. Its the external conditions that move us to right or left. Inside each single human a Diamond of goodness and the desire of living in stability and harmony. we all born equal. Lack of justice is lack of vision and conflicts. If animals got justice they would probably live together in peace but Human also will live in security after justice. but what make humanity different than animals that the Mankind looks for security by Justice but Animals want to continue their destiny. so Justice first then security.

Our Jerusalem shall be the home for all of us. Leaders of Middle East meeting there to solve conflicts and build joint development's projects as how the beautiful Berlin Now!. Jerusalem of different cultures and civilizations dialogues; Young Saudis with Young Israelis and Youth from all over the middle east making concerts in our beloved Jerusalem. Jerusalem of happiness and Promises. Security and Justice...

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